Fishfactory Protocol is an independent project and development; aimed at re-inventing decentralized finance, while solving a concrete, real-life food deficits via fishfarming. Below are the use-case and products we have built or are building for the service of the waves network community:


Crypto Staking As A Service: CSAAS is a permission-less DApp product (service) to $XFP holders, where they earn by staking of their assets in a periodic earn for stipulated APYs.
APY Range: 3.56% - 28.39%
Locking Periods: 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 Days
Staking Pool Reserve: 10,000,000,000 $XFP
Est. Quota (per Yr): 1,000,000,000 $XFP
⚠️ Other tokens can list for this product when launched.


Credit Facility As A Service: CFAAS is a permission-less product (service) to $XFP holders, where anyone can access low interest credits (loans) while using Fishfactory P (XFP) tokens as collateral.
Credit Range: $50 – $2000
Interest Rate: 0.59% interest accruing daily
Borrowable Asset: WAVES, USDN, USDT, & USBTⓈ
Collateral: Borrowable Worth of Asset in $XFP + 40%
Debt Liquidation: 24 hours of Grace after stipulated loan period
⚠️ Our Credit DApp will be funded from excess of #RUFAAS proceeds & developmental funds when launched.


Real-Life Utility Fishfarming As A Service: RUFAAS is a real-life use-case built for XFP token angel investors, who commits Fishfactory P ($XFP) tokens in a DApp investment for catfish rearing purposes and earns calculated yields at the end of every farming yield & seasons.

RUFAAS also help the protocol to generate jobs. Protocol goals is to rear 1 -10 million Catfishes annually to contribute & solve the high demand for food. Refer to whitepaper on how RUFAAS works.

Bridge (Coming Soon)

Bridge As a Service, shall enable cross-chain transfers of listed Tokens across other blockchains.
✅ Waves Network (coming soon)
✅ Polygon Network (coming soon)
✳️ BNB Smart Chain (In Development)
✳️ Avalanche Chain (In Development)