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Fishfactory P (XFP)


Token sale status

Raised: of MATIC

Tokens sold: of XFP

Remaining: MATIC (~ XFP)

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You get: 0 XFP

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Token sale information

Hardcap: MATIC (~ XFP)


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Sale contract

You can also buy tokens by sending $MATIC directly from your wallet to this contract below:
(please increase gas limit to 200,000 or even more to prevent transaction fail)


Referral program

Share your referral link and get paid instantly (in $MATIC) to your wallet for every referred token purchase.

Total paid to referrers: MATIC

Referral commission: 10%

Your referral earnings: MATIC

Share your referral link or QR code and get commission for referred token purchases instantly to your wallet.

Frequenetly Asked Questions (FAQ)

FISHFACTORY PROTOCOL ($XFP) is an MRC20 utility asset on the Polygon Network that digitizes catfish farming. $XFP will achieve synergy & value via consensus and product value. Also, $XFP is issued with a 1:1 backing ratio on Waves Network.

Fishfactory Protocol will be used  as follows:
#1. Utility Fishfarming As A Service: Used for trading catfishes from factory.
#2. Crypto Staking As A Service: Stake XFP to earn.
#3. Credit Facility As A Service: As equity for taking loans.
#4. As redemption Asset for Fishfactory NFTs (Type A Arts).

$XFP can be bought at the Sales in the following simple steps:
#1. Visit from a dapp browser (Metamask or TrustWallet or SafePal)
#2. Select the supported network (Polygon Network). Make sure you have $MATIC in your balance.
#3. Wait 15 – 30 secs until the page fully loads and scroll down to BUY TOKENS section, Input the quantity of $MATIC (you intend to spend) and click buy.

Fishfactory Protocol token’s balance is displayed on your web3 dashboard wallet (either on Metamask or Trust-wallet or Safepal wallet). 1-hour after Public Sales or hardcap, the claim button will be enabled automatically.

The referral bonus are paid instantly in $MATIC earnings according to our sales contract, from the moment your referrals or downline uses your link to perform a purchase.

It is our goal to protect the Fishfactory P ($XFP) from dump and market manipulations. Therefore, our contract is written to pay only MATIC as bonus and not $XFP

The 2in1 Airdrop are eligibility airdrops.

  • Submit a Polygon Wallet that participated in the sales and must have spent at least 10 MATIC to be eligible.
  • Submit Waves Wallet address  in the form provided, to share in 1,500 $FROE tokens with 6000 others to earn in the pool. 
  • Spending a minimum of 10 MATIC in the ongoing sales, makes your submission eligible for distribution.
    Distribution: 4weeks after public sales.

Yes, Liquidity will be locked in less than 3hours after sales is concluded or a hard-cap is reached. A 62% raised funds will be locked together with liquidity tokens supply of 17,360,000,000 $XFP on Pinksales trusted DEX for 365 days.

Fishfactory Protocol ($XFP) liquidity will be locked on the Quickswap DEX with the $MATIC matching pair for 365 days.

  • It’s a viable use-case that promotes the protocol for business benefits of fish farming. Perhaps, you want to fish-farm but don’t have the resources or know how. Farming at the protocol gives you a chance of recurring income as profit every season.
  • Outside of the viable use cases of $XFP, BFI Fishfactory Limited also commits to releasing installments of profit yield funds into institutional dexes after every harvest period to boost liquidity and volume.
  • You can become an ambassador, a staff or a shareholder of BFI Fishfactory LTD.
  • You can stake and earn from the staking reserve of 10 Billion Tokens with robust APYs
  • You can also interact with our soon to release credit facility and take low interest loans.

Yes. Our team is very concerned about audit. we will be getting an audit within a week of release. Hopefully we should already have one before then.