BFI FISHFACTORY LTD, is a Large-Scale Farm Initiative (LFI), digitizing aquatic-foods with focus on catfish mass farming and job generation.
The Fishfactory Protocol, is thus developed and operated by BFI FISHFACTORY LTD. Our company is a registered/startup organization in Nigeria. Its our goal to combine the revolutionary tech of blockchain tokenization (via smart contract) to solve a real economic problem in our continent. We are building a massive farm facility, that seeks to contributes to solving food deficits via catfish farming and enabling over 1000+ jobs. We target a collective landmass of 10 hectares for massive aquatic farming of catfish within countries of interest starting in Africa (Nigeria).

A Word From Our Founder/Farmer

Africa has what it takes with his wealth of human resources and other endownments. So, we are building a sustainable ecosystem, where we give power, and freedom to interact with blockchain. I have a persistent drive, to make blockchain and all it offers accessible to the man on the street. Today, there are people who wouldn't dare any form of investments involving cryptocurrency and this is strickly because of lack of know how.

So, We developed this utility token project to have touch with the real world. Blockchain and cryptocurrency is honestly deliverance from the present world hash economic & financial system, where your liberty of money is centralized with controls from powers from above you...

But With Fishfactory Protocol, the team and I intend to show to you and the rest of the world the power of blockchain projects. We (all) can now collectively contribute to solving food deficit, enabling bfi-jobs (remotely and otherwise) and generate wealth to participant within the ecosystem and also earn good income while doing so. Fish farming is lucrative, Africa is a fertile & a ripe ground for sowing. We are resolute to solve the food problem as we hatch and rear between 1 to 10 million disease-free, highly-nutritious catfishes annually. Join the train, Invest in Fishfactory Protocol.

Team & Staff

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