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Fishfactory P

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Frequenetly Asked Questions (FAQ)
FISHFACTORY PROTOCOL ($XFP) is an multi-chain utility asset on the Polygon & Waves Network that digitizes catfish farming. $XFP will achieve synergy & value via consensus and product value.
Fishfactory Protocol will be used  as follows:
#1. Used for trading catfishes from factory.
#2. Used for rearing millions of catfishes annually via angel investments.
#3. As equity for Credit Facility and Staking on DApp.
#4. As redemption Asset for Fishfactory NFTs (Type A Arts).
$XFP can be gotten via two primary methods:
#1. Via stake minting (click here)
#2. Via purchase on Exchanges (click here)

BFI FISHFACTORY LIMITED shall run a Business Model and Equity investment plan for a class of business men and women called Angel Farmers. These investors shares 20-30% installment-al profit yield 2-3 times in a season. A farming season shall include 2-3 batch of farming depending on farm products. An angel investor can decide to renew his investment plan after expiration.
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At BFI Fishfactory LTD, A season is a duration of fishfarming that has 2-3 batches depending on the class of product being farmed.
👉 Class A (MIDR.CF) – In this class of produce, A batch would last 14 wks and runs 3x/Season
👉 Class B (BBQ.CF) – In this class of produce, A batch would last 20-24 wks runs 2x/Season
👉 Class C – 4-5 wks (6x/Season).  This class is not not open for public.
👉 Class D – 50 wks (1x/Season). This class is not not open for public.

An Angel farmer who intend to hatch and rear catfish at the factory together with other 99 OR 149 members, shall commit a minimum investment of 3,500,000 $XFP or more as a Dapp Investment Contract entrance fee in DAPP contribution (& locked) to activate the Angels investment plan for fish farming for a season. An XFP (Lp) token is returned as Angel Investment Lp token to reclaim USDN or USDT earned from each batch harvest. Only a maximum of 100 or 150 Angel Farmers are required per opening of a Prime or Emerald fish farming season.
Read How Business Model Farming works & How to Apply for Angel Farming

Fishfactory Protocol farm produce are classified as follows:
#1. Class A – MIDR.CF
#2. Class B – BBQ.CF
#3. Class C – JUVE.CF
#4. Class D – HACT.CF
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BFI Fishfactory Protocol can already boast of about 2.044 Hectares of land (i.e. over 40 plots of land acquired, measuring 1,100ft. long by 200ft. wide) to kick-start the factory’s installations of her Farmsteads and Ponds.

The capacity target of the Protocol is to build its initial farm on at-least 10 hectares of land, before branching to other Geographical locations.

  • It’s a viable use-case that promotes the protocol for business benefits of fish farming. Perhaps, you want to fish-farm but don’t have the resources or know how. Farming at the protocol gives you a chance of recurring income as profit every season.
  • Outside of the viable use cases of $XFP, BFI Fishfactory Limited also commits to releasing installments of profit yield funds into institutional dexes after every harvest period to boost liquidity and volume.
  • You can become an ambassador, a staff or a shareholder of BFI Fishfactory LTD.
Yes, we will be getting an audit within a week of release. Hopefully we should already have one before then.

Fishfactory Protocol receive a kick-start Seed-fund of 4000 USDT from Qnode Protocol to kick starts its production and development as a blockchain farm initiative (BFI) support.

With respect to the seed-funding, A 1 billion XFP supply will be distributed to all Qnode.Defi holders (20% to sale participants and 80% to all eligible wallets holding a minimum of 5000 QND after a scheduled snapshot is announced. T&C applies).

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